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High Quality Commercial and Domestic Flooring

We have completed projects and reactive works in just about any environment, from power stations, hospitals, offices, schools, universities, cinemas, hotels and restaurants.

Some people say timing is everything, but quite often the case with flooring, time is limited, whether you are replacing a kitchen floor during the night between shifts or installing a new set of carpets for a hotel to keep their customers happy. We have a lot of experience in handling time constraints and always keeping the client or customer in the loop.



  • Specialists in fitting Luxury Vinyl Tiles
  • Quality commercial & domestic carpet fitting
  • Vinyl and Safety Flooring
  • Primary and secondary Entrance Barrier Matting
  • Reinforcing Stair Nosings
  • Pre-installation Floor preparation

Luxury Vinyl Tiles


The amount of times we have heard “I can’t believe how much of a difference the floor has made to this space.” It is true! We take time and care with every job as the customers satisfaction is what gets us going. We are specialists in fitting Luxury Vinyl Tiles. When you take a dilapidated floor covering and remove and replace it with some eye catching LVT’s, you are sure to get the ‘wow’ factor you are looking for.

LVT’s can be installed in any design that you so wish from a traditional straight lay pattern to complicated bespoke designs to incorporate company logos and curves. We regularly install LVT’s to a high standard that will last the test of time with our manufacturer approved preparation procedures. 

LVT’s are available in a range of styles from traditional wood designs to various stone designs so that we can install something that meets your requirements and makes sure the area it is installed in stands out. We use a range of manufactures of LVT’s why not give us a call as discuss your needs and then we can offer our impartial advice on what product would best suit your project needs?

Carpet Fitting

Quality commercial and domestic

In many commercial settings carpet tiles have become the floor covering of choice as they are cost effective, stylish and durable. Believe it or not we’ve even fitted carpet tiles on the walls and ceilings of some of our projects to meet the clients needs. No is very rarely and answer, we will always try and find a way to make the idea work.

Broadloom carpets are also installed in commercial settings such as stick down systems in certain healthcare areas or hospitality settings. They are an attractive floor covering and can bring as sense of warmth and home to a room.

As the range of carpets available today is so large we can assist in the design process of your installation and recommend products that would be suitable for you room to create the mood that you are after. Whether it be a loud or bright, colourful carpet floor covering or something that is more subtle and neutral, there is a carpet offering out there for you.

As long as you opt for a high quality carpet or carpet tile they are very durable and hard wearing. You can expect a good life span out of your floor covering. Another benefit of carpet is the improved air quality within the area. Carpet will trap allergens dust and particles within the pile of the fabric until they are vacuumed clean keeping the room looking fresh.

Having a soft floor covering installed can also provide a sound deadening quality compared to a hard floor covering so if keeping the noise levels down then carpet could be the option for you.

Vinyl & Safety Flooring

Vast range of colours and designs

When it comes to wet areas or areas that need to be cleaned regularly, vinyl is the way forward. Hot or cold welded seams create and area that comply with health and safety within the workplace, infection control within the healthcare sector and easy cleaning so they floor will look great for years to come.

What is safety flooring? Safety flooring is also referred to as non-slip or anti-slip flooring and it is designed to do just that. Dependant on whether you need a wetroom or changing rooms fitted in a area that is prone to water or a hospital ward that has a lot of foot traffic there are different slip ratings available to you. We can help you decide which safety flooring would best suit your environment and minimise the risk of slips and falls to keep you, your workforce and end users safe.

Safety flooring does not have to be dull. There is now a vast range of colours and designs that can be incorporated into your flooring project so that it will visually appeal to your clients and keep them safe.

Safety flooring is an impervious floor covering and this means its great for staying hygienic. It is easy to clean, prevents growth of mould and when installed correctly stand the test of time so your business will stay looking good for years to come.

As we have mentioned health and safety is now a top priority for any business so keeping within the health and safety laws/guidelines is something we take into account with every installation.

Entrance Matting

Primary and secondary entrance barrier matting

The entrance to your building can quite often be the dirtiest part, with an efficient barrier matting you can help trap this dirty until the barrier matt is cleaned, keeping the rest of you building looking fresher for longer. The entrance or barrier matting is often the first impression of your business and that is why it needs to be taken into account when starting flooring works. We use a range of mattings from rubber backed mattings to made to measure aluminium mattings. Dependant on budget and style this can be discussed to find the right option for your business.

Primary barrier matting and secondary barrier matting. Primary heavy duty matting is created using a combination of metal frames with inserts of hard-wearing carpet or rubber. It is ideal for very high traffic areas such as busy entrances.

Secondary heavy duty matting is less intense and is generally made using an extremely hard-wearing carpet. This is designed to reduce dirt and dust that has been bought into the building and is the perfect commercial flooring for small areas and foot-wells.

Stair Nosings

Highest quality and most aesthetically pleasing

Here at adapt, awkward situations are what we thrive on. A staircase can often become one of those if not planned and designed correctly. Having a stair nosing made to measure is a must for safety and practicality. With our contacts within the industry we can supply the highest quality and most aesthetically pleasing nosings to make your staircase stand out.

The purpose of a stair nosing is to join the two edges of the floor covering on your stairwell whilst reinforcing the edge of the step to make sure it is safe for each and every user. Dependant on your requirements we can supply and install a range of nosings with rubber inserts to make sure they stand out from the floor covering but also blend in with you colour scheme.

Pre-Installation Floor Preparation

Testing is key to fitting any impervious flooring

The floor you are presented with is rarely the floor you need to continue with the job in hand. We are well equipped to prepare all substrates with the relevant testing taken out first to make sure we are going to handle the situation correctly. Whether we are uplifting an old carpet or stripping old vinyl waste is taken and disposed of correctly and where possible recycled.

Testing is key to fitting any impervious flooring, to make sure you sub-floor is in good enough condition to receive its floor covering. All moisture testing is completed at the quoting stage of our works so we can provide you with the correct system for your flooring installation. This is especially important with luxury vinyl tile installations and also safety flooring as residual moisture can affect the performance of your product long term.

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Company History

Adapt flooring are a flooring company with a difference. Set up by two experienced flooring installers with the main aim to adapt and impress. Flooring can be a complicated trade and often the ideal isn’t the reality. We are here to cross that boundary and create a successful working relationship with our clients in even the most challenging situations.

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